CLASS- X Biology MCQ(Multiple choice questions)How do organisms reproduce?

Multiple choice questions: How do organisms reproduce?
1. Which of the following is a working copy
(a) RNA (b) Protein (c) Fats (d) DNA
2. Which of the following is the blue print of body design & body function
(a) RNA (b) Protein (c) DNA (d) Amino acid
3. Spore formation occurs in
(a) Yeast (b) Hydra (c) Amoeba (d) Rhizopus
4. Which of the following can undergo regeneration
(a) Flat worm (b) Round worm (c) Rhizopus (d) Amoeba
5. Rose is multiplied by
(a) tissue culture (b) cutting (c) Layering (d) seeds
6. Pollen grains are produced by
(a) ovary (b) anther (c) filament (d) stigma
7. The male sex organ of a flower is
(a) stamen (b) sepal (c) petal (d) carpel
8. Which one of the following is a unisexual flower
(a) china rose (b) cucumber (c) rose (d) jasmine
9. Male gametes are produced by
(a)pollen grains (b) embryo sac (c) sigma (d) ovary
10. Receptive part of carpel is
(a) ovary (b) Stigma (c) placenta (d) style
11. On germination each pollen grain produces
(a)one male gamete (b) 3 male gametes (c) four male gametes (d)2 male gametes
12. Gonads form
(a) sex organs (b) sex hormones (c)gametes (d) both b & c
13. In man fertilization takes place in
(a)ovary (b) vagina (c) fallopian tube (d) uterus
14. Which of the following is a machanical barrier to conception
(a) condom (b) abortion (c) Cu T (d) oral pill
15. Development of an ovum from an unfertilized ovum is called
(a)vegetative propagation (b) Parthenogenesis (c) asexual reproduction (d) tissue culture
16. Fertilization in plants occurs in
(a) embryo sac (b) Pollen tube (c) stigma (d) style
17. Name the fusion product of male & female gametes
(a) ovum (b) zygote (c) PEN (d) sperm
18. Which part of the flower forms the fruit
(a) stamen (b) ovary (c) petals (d) ovule
19. The normal duration of menstrual cycle is
(a) one day (b) 14 days (c) 28 days (d) 7-8 days
20. Arrest of reproductive capacity in woman in the age of 45-55 years is known as
(a) menopause (b) Puberty (c) menarch (d) gestation
21. Vital connection between mother and foetus is called
(a)uterus (b) Placenta (c) vagina (d) embryo sac
22. The process of attachment of embryo in the uterus is called
(a) placentation (b)implantation (c) gestation (d) ovulation
23. Which of the following is not an STD
(a) AIDS (b) syphilis (c) typhoid (d) gonorrhoea
24. Which of the following is an IUCD
(a) Cu T (b) Diaphragm (c) tubectomy (d) oral pills
25. Which of the following is a sexually transmitted viral disease
(a)genital warts (b) syphilis (c) typhoid (d) gonorrhoea